My appt was great. I began with a lot of stiffness in my neck and shoulders and left with greater mobility. I'm pleased with my progress and finally understanding what the exercises, what they're for and how to do them. I appreciate everyone who has been assigned to work with me.
Jeanne T.
Service: Premium Membership / Member Since: November 2015
Im always looking for a way to improve my golf swing. I have tried many things but none of them stuck. The people here used their biomechanic knowledge to really improve my swing. I almost couldnt believe all the little things that make a differance!
David Mitchell
Service: Premium Membership / Member Since: November 2012
Even if you think you are fine I suggest you come for an assessment here. The staff here will see things that you would never think of! They know what they are doing and they will take you through step by step.
Daniel Warren
Great staff! The area may look rough around the edges but once you get in you see a nice place thats very comfortable. Every staff member cares about your progress and makes sure your doing what needs to be done for your goals
Chris Simons
If you have a weakness they will find it! If you follow their instructions and listen to the staff they will teach you how to fix them and you will feel so much better!
Kelly Underwood
Not only do they know what they are doing but they take the time to explain it until you understand. They really do want to help you!
Terrance Fuller
I have been seeing a personal trainer for quite some time but there were things he just couldnt help me with. I wanted to fix my posture and knee pain and nothing he was doing was a good fix. I came to Holistic Health and Fitness in the search for answers. Sure enough they had assessed me and automatically knew what to do. Thanks to them I can continue training pain free!
Brandon Roberts
I have been golfing ever since I was a kid. I thought I knew everything there was to a golf swing. I have never been so wrong, in a matter of a month I could drive drive farther and feel more comfortable doing it too!
Jacob Comer
With a full time desk job I have noticed myself hunching forward and getting neck pains. I co-worker of mine recommended to come here. They found out everything that causes causing my problems. Who would of guess it could be fixed by pulling my shoulders and loosening my hips! I feel 10 times more comfortable at work because of these guys. Thanks!
Jenna Hoegi
The staff is so friendly here! They are always energized. Their knowledge of the body is outstanding. A great group of guys all around!
Devin Forrester
They advertised an extra 40 yards on my drive and they did not disappoint! Not only did they help my golf swing but they did it in such a short time!
Alex Thompson
I have never felt this comfortable in my body since I was young adult! Thank you to these guys for fixing all my imbalances!
Cassandra Nelson
A year ago I started having constant low back pain through-out my day. I looked up all the stretches but had no success. My chiropractor helped but the pain just came back after a short period of time. I went to these guys desperate for relief. They were able to help me by using their knowledge of biomechanics and their keen eyes during the assesments. To do this day I am happy to say I am pain free all thanks to Holistic Health and Fitness!
Simon Kelly
In my business I have to travel to many places to make presentations and sales. A ice-breaker in my world is to have a golf round with a potential client. Prior to comming here my golf swing was mediocore at best and my drive barely broke 200 yards. I can now hit the ball consistently farther and impress potential clients.
Frank Dillashaw
I have always dreamed of the day where I would beat my husband at a round of golf. I came to Holistic Health and Fitness to improved my game. I did not think they would give me 40 extra yards to my game but I figured it would help me none the less. They exceeded expectations and pinpointed all the weaknesses in my golf game. Now my drive is consistant and 30 yards longer!
Maddison Nicholls
I am an older man and with age I assumed poor posture was a given. It had reached a point where I was walking with a large hunch. My daughter had told me to come here and I could start walking upright again. It seemed to good to be true. Just after a few couple brief months, I am walking with better postures than I did in my 30's.
Walter Gradmen
I am a football player and although I consider myself in great shape, I was reccomended to come here to even further my performance. The guys here showed me a bunch of imbalances and weaknesses that my coaches and trainers never saw. Now I feel more loose, fluid, powerful in my game. Ontop of all that im in way less pain during games.
Luke Brown
10/10, I was very skeptical comming in to Holistic Health + Fitness but after my intial assesment they were sure they could fix my imbalances and relieve my pain. They made me feel more than just a client. They made sure I did my at home exercises and movements. They care about progress here!
Steven Salter
Before I came to holistic health and fitness. I could not remember a time in my life where I did not have knee pain. I looked up all the exercises, foam rolling and stretches. Nothing worked! The staff here used there knowledge of the body and biomechanics to help solve a lifetime problem!
Kelly Granger
I've played golf for over 12 years. I always thought elbow pain was a part of the game. After just a few appointments with the people here, I am now pain free!
Sam Fisher
I used to be a golf cart or nothing kind of guy. Walking an 18 hole course seemed too painful along with the added pain of playing the game. Thanks to these guys I didnt touch a golf cart all last season and I improved my drive while we were at it.
Derek Bianchi
I really enjoyed my initial assessment! I rate it a 9/10. I highly recommend anyone come in for the assessment. 1005 worth it! I loved the education and philosophy Holistic Health and Fitness has! They really know their stuff. The changes I felt speak for themselves! Looking forward to making improvement in both Golf and Tennis this year! I made a great decision purchasing the Premium Membership.
Dale MacDonell
I rate the Initial Assessment a 10/10. I recommend it anyone else! Best part of the assessment was seeing and feeling the difference. A big eye opener to see what is actually going. The education was great and enjoyed learning about my body and now excited to start improving my health!
Jason Famme
I have noticed a big improvement in my ability to lift my arms overhead and overall shoulder mobility
Karen Rozsa
I feel like I am getting more rotation and my feet arent flared out while on my snowboard which feels more natural.
Lana Paton
I no longer have clicking in my knee or feel stiffness in my shoulders when I wake up each morning.
Janet Isaac
My hip hasn't been bothering me since I started and I have been able to sleep better.
Karen Henshaw
The best part of my initial assessment was being educated about what was going on with my body and then given corrective drills to start correcting my posture.
Brooke Gibson
The best part of the initial assessment was learning about my pelvis position an alignment and the reason why it's like that. The assessment was very informative and the staff are very knowledgable. I would rate the initial assessment a 9/10. I would highly recommend the initial assessment to any golfer.
Claude Travers
I have not had knee clicking in over a month since starting with you guys!
Janet I.
Informative, professional and eye opening are how I would describe the initial assessment I just had. My body felt so different in a brand new way. So hard to explain the feeling but I loved it. I felt taller, more centered and energized. Everything he had me do after was so much easier. They are so different than anything I have experienced. Everything they taught me in the initial assessment makes so much sense.
Brenden Randall
I had a fantastic time during my initial assessment! I was so amazed with the change in my posture in such little time. The philosophy and methods are very effective and I see a huge benefit in the service at Holistic Health and Fitness.
Charmane Tomlinson
Awesome Initial Assessment! Very informative and so much passion for what they do! I rate it a 10/10 and highly recommend you go in for the assessment.
Rafer K.
Amazing Initial Assessment. Very educational and provided me with lot of answers to why I was experiencing pain in my shoulders and knees. I now have some tools to start fixing my body for good. I rate it 9/10 and highly recommend everyone do an initial assessment.
Harry Koivisto
As a triathlon and avid runner, my body started to talk back to me and it’s screaming me to stop. When the pain was at its highest I couldn’t run for more than 10 minutes. The pain lingered in my back and knees as well as tightness in my hips and right shoulder every morning. After the first assessment, I had a better understanding why I was in pain, and what I needed to do and not do to feel normal again. Fast forwarding three months (now) I feel amazing, the pain that I used to have has completely disappeared.
Michelle Lange
The guys at Holistic Health and Fitness gave me an amazing assessment. It was quite amazing how they know the body and how it affected all of my neck and shoulder problems. I changed many of my day to day habits and did the drills I was told to do, immediately noticing a difference I kept at it and now I can honestly say I suffer from almost zero pain.
Cindy Crenshaw
I have had back pain for a while. As a result I retired some all of my sports and outdoor hobbies. Almost certain that I would never feel as I did in my youth, just after the initial assessment I have to say I felt a difference. I’m one month in, and feel significantly better and I know I’ll come back to all those sports I loved.
Matt Hofmann
I’ve been a member at Holistic Health and Fitness for almost two years. Now that I‘m pain free, I’ve progressed to difficult drills, making all the normal things in life a breeze compared to what I used to feel like before becoming a member.
Frank Deluca
Chris Attersley After 8 appointments completed I can now say I do not have any shoulder pain! The pain in my left hip has been eliminated. I do not have any more neck pain and no more headaches! I am looking forward to further optimizing my body so I can play golf pain free and improve my score! I would highly recommend Holistic Health and Fitness. They are very knowledgable and have helped me understand my body so much since starting with them. If you would like to eliminate any body pain check them out!
Chris Attersley
Having an assessment done at Holistic Health and Fitness- so helpful! Working with the Kinesiologists will help optimize my posture, strength and physical activity.
Andrea Miller
Registered Dietician
At 67 years old it seemed that age had got the better of me, I really didn't think improvements would be made. It was a nice surprise to feel myself not as achy and able to keep up with my grandchildren better than I could in years.
Elisabeth McSkybe
I've always been pretty average at sports all my life. Improving my posture and and activating the correct muscles has made me feel much better playing mens league hockey and I almost feel like I stand out on the ice. Teammates have noticed me playing harder at the end of the game and have said I look faster on the ice. Thanks for helping me move and feel better.
Thomas Downson
As a long time runner knee pain has been a constant in my life over the years. I have tried everything with either temporary or little to no relief, since coming to Holistic Health and Fitness I haven't only been able to live pain free but I have also been able to run better then I have with no pain in my knees in the last 5 years.
Samantha Caliba
I've been growing to love cycling but my body doesn't seem to agree. I came to Holistic Health to get treated for the aches and tightness I've been getting in my back and legs and not only did they give me the tools to take away the pain but they really helped me optimize my body. I feel faster and I'm not sore after rides like I used to get. I feel as though I pedal using different muscles then I ever have and it makes the ride feel so much more smooth and has really improved my performance.
Rachel Applewood
I was a bit skeptical at first considering how many other health professionals I have seen and have never managed to get rid of my back pain or plantar fasciitis over the years and not one had mentioned the issue stemming from my posture or hips. Despite this I gave Holistic Health a try and I am extremely pleased that I have! For the first time in many years I am moving with ease, living pain free, and even starting to run again! Excited to continue bettering myself and living pain free, thanks for all you've done.
Jason Ling
Both my husband and I had a great experience at Holistic Health and Fitness, the team of coaches are easy to talk to, motivating, inspirational and truly life changing. They helped my husband with his shoulder injury and pain while losing two inches off his belly. As for myself, I can walk pain free for hours. From the two of us, thank you.
Debra and James Fillinigham
I am a avid cyclist who was experiencing a lot of leg pain cycling and noticed decreased performance on the bike. After 2 appointments at Holistic Health and Fitness here is what I have felt so far: better spin, easier to maintain higher RPM, more power better balance more comfortable on seat better breathing more alert/awareness higher heart rate-without gasping belly breathing quads not sore/fatigued way faster less fatigue during + post ride easier to clip in (weight over pedal)
Norm Riekenbrauck
Just 4 months ago I couldn't walk the course while playing golf, unless my hips and knees were in constant pain. I can honestly say that now I'm pain free and my swings improved greatly.
Liam Hollaway
I could never get a home-run, but now with the professional help at Holistic Health and Fitness, I can now activate muscles that I never knew how to engage, resulting in a powerful hit. I've finally hit that homer I've always dreamed about.
David Agosto
Wow! New aged, impressive, it works, are only a few things I can say about this place. My golf game is much better, they taught me a few exercises before I swing my clubs, and that's all it takes.
Emily Dybenko
Thanks to the wonderful crew at the Golf Performance Clinic, I hit my first hole in one! Just that extra bit of muscle activation while my body twists, increased my range drastically. Not only has this helped me in my golfing experience but I can feel that I'll be on my “A” game during baseball season.
Dave Morrison
I loved being taught about my body. They explain how it works and the underlying root cause to my pain.
Chris Makris
For years I have been suffering with lower back pain but I was not willing to give up my training! Since concentrating on the root cause of pain I am happy to say that back pain does not occur as frequent if at all! I have stronger core muscles and everything i do is easier!
The exercise program Peter has developed for me has worked very well. I feel stronger, fitter and more stable than I have in over 7 years. Previously I have almost been in constant pain and it is virtually gone.
Mike Wells
I have been attending Holistic Health and Fitness for more than 3 years. Since the beginning I have been focused on proparing for a happy retirement. I had no current concerns but have since learned much about my body, its need and what I can do to be prepared both physically and mentally. Mitch, Matt and the rest are all true professionals that make you look forward to your session and the future. Our entire family has benefitted from Holistic Health and Fitness. The Watson's
Bruce Watson
I was referred to Holistic Health and Fitness by a good friend who saw me hobbing along one day. She asked what was wrong, so I told her how I had tore my hip flexors from running. She immediately told me about Holistic Health and Fitness, booked an appointment and I saw them the following week. I walked in limping and within 30 minutes my pain went away. I haven't looked back. They are a fantastic team at Holistic Health and Fitness, They listen to your goals and fix your weakness. My body feels stronger and I am 100% satisfied with each session I book with them. My posture has improved, people say I look more confident. I couldn't be happier! I thank my friend for putting me in contact with Holistic Health and Fitness. I think everyone in pain and not should go and see them for an overall assessment. I always look forward to my next 30 minute session Thank you!
Charlotte Hamilton
I really like their approach to fitness. They focus on adjusting your body to its proper position/posture and develop a workout from there. Staff is very knowledgeable in regards with fitness and nutrition, and they are super motivating :). I've had shoulder-pain for years and its's definitely 80% + gone now.Thank you guys!
Alejandra Gamboa-Prendin
When I first came in here I thought I knew what exercising was suppose to look like, unfortunately or fortunately with the experience of the coaches every movement i did was wrong, but with a short period of time they retrained my motor patterns, I no longer have any tweaks in my joints I have increased mobility, strength, power and confidence when I train at my local gym I highly recommend this facility of expert coaches for any and all of your fitness/health goals.
Sandi Gallont
My son has been diagnosed with Asperger's, with it came difficulty focusing both at home and in school, controlling his temper, and on rare occasions hitting himself when he gets flustered. The Coaches at Holistic Health and Fitness have organized a plan to improve his overall physical health, they took awareness to his asperger's and were able to drop the abundance of brain activity and replaced it towards his body and muscles, in turn it helped him beyond what I could of ever imagined. His grads in school improved imitatively, his social skills have become more noticeable among his classmates and around the house, and to this moment he has never had any out bursts that were previously there. Thanks to the knowledgeable coaches I feel a great sense of relief.
Joseph Sikorski
After multiple surgeries in my hips and knees, I thought exercise was a memory in the past. The most thankful decision that I've done was joining Holistic Health and Fitness. No other facility has such a effective method in pain management and mobility than this place! With the removal of both my meniscus in my knees and hip replacement surgery, I was in chronic pain every time I would go out for walks with my wife and kids. It affected my work productivity and in time made me frustrated that I felt pain at almost all times. I am amazed that Holistic Health and Fitness could help me achieve such effective pain removal, the only regret is that I didn't come sooner.
Micheal Durnford
Professional, knowledgeable, a great atmosphere but most importantly I can truly say that the people over at Holistic Health and Fitness are passionate and friendly. Beyond their personality, the philosophy is outstanding, while other health practitioners didn't know how to help me, or just refer to their normal pain killer pushing methods. Within 15 minutes of walking in to the clinic for my initial assessment I felt instant relief in my shoulder and arms. I was blown away, I have now been a member here for a few months and my new goals are improving my shoulder mobility and return my shoulder health as what it was in my youth, I'm almost there.
Nancy Reid
Friendly, knowledgeable, cooperative and helpful are a few words I can express about Holistic health and Fitness. On my initial assessment I was skeptical on how Holistic health and Fitness could assist me with my injury. I wanted pain relief. After a through explanation of their services, a overall body evaluation and a few exercises on my first visit I noticed a positive change overall. Their philosophy about treating the whole body made sense and within the short time I was there I noticed a overall postural and pain improvement which wanted me coming back. I have been to other health, fitness and medical practitioners whom focus on the system area but not your overall body and how it interacts. I would strongly recommended Holistic health and Fitness, as in a mere few visits I have had my posture improve, the pain dissipate and my overall structure change positively. Thus, enticing me to return for more self improvement. Thanks for helping me change.
Nancy Philip
I cannot believe the improvement in my shoulders! My doctor has always told me I could not do anything to improve my shoulder. I have been diagnosed with cysts, tears in the rotator cuff and shoulder impingement and I thought I would be living in pain for the rest of my life. The guys gave me such a detailed assessment when we first met and everything made so much sense. They showed me where the root cause of my shoulder pain was actually coming from. They explained that it has been developing for a long time and they knew how to reverse it. I was very skeptical at first but thought I had nothing to lose. I was amazed that after that assessment I had noticeable improvement as they did video analysis and photographs showing the improvement that they created in just that first visit. I am now 2 months into their program and am completely pain free in my shoulders. They have me doing things I have never been able to do in the past 10 years. I feel amazing. I am going to keep it up as I am now addicted to feeling better and they continue to show me in each appointment what my body can do that I had thought is not possible. I keep learning about my body and they are all such great educators. God Bless! I wish you all the best and success in your practice. Christina. H
Christina Howard
Before becoming a member at Holistic Health and Fitness, my knees were always a serious problem, I would have chronic pain and it would elevate to a unbearable degree when squatting lifting and even walking. With the help of the fantastic coaches at Holistic Health and Fitness, I no longer have any pain from my knees and I feel my overall health, mobility and sense of well being have improved significantly.
Thank you so much for your sponsorship! Your generosity and support is truly a blessing. We are so lucky to have you help us in so many ways. Your team has been so helpful and understanding. We cannot thank you enough! You have have made it possible for us to do something meaningful for our community. We wish everyone can see how great your team is. Thank you so much!
Organic Fruits and Veggies Team
What a great facility, the service is exceptional and the team of coaches are all professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. Not to mention the fact that I can hit a golf ball further than I ever did, thanks to the team.
Jeremy Hilts
Work caused me so much stress, my head, neck and shoulders would always hurt. With just the initial assessment I understood the dangers of sitting and had a deep insight of how my body becomes affected by stress and sitting. Within 2 weeks the relief I feel is unbelievable.
Matt Boche
Every year I have suffered from sciatic pain, sometimes it was so consistent it seemed when one dissipated another was on its way. It impacted my life and work. Thanks to Holistic Health and Fitness, I am no longer in any sciatic pain, the knowledge, personality and service is outstanding.
Chantel Chamberling
Everyday my body was getting worse, I told myself it was just time and age. Was I ever wrong! The education that I received plus the movements and drills made me mobile and pain free. It was a eye opener and I have never been more thankful for such extraordinary service.
Kirsten Cali
I thought it was over, my love for golf was at a end. Thankfully Mitch and the crew of coaches changed my body and mind, those golf clubs are back to full use, not only can I swing again, but my swing is the best its ever been.
Anthony Adami
I knew my body had problems, but I didn't know what was wrong with it. The team of coaches helped me not only physically but gave me the knowledge to know how my body works, and what to do about it.
Jim Atterseley
I became a member recently at the clinic, and the group of coaches have given me a great level of mobility with-in such a short period of time. No other facility has ever provided such success in such a short period of time
Gerry Collar, Markham
Everyday I wake up pain free, a problem I suffered for almost 10 years. Not only did the team of coaches help my pain, but the environment was always a great experience.
Meghan Biggleman
This clinic has helped me so much regarding all of my shoulder and neck pain, my only regret is not knowing of them years ago
Sarah Pike, Toronto
Before becoming a member at Holistic health and fitness, I would be in pain after walking for 10 minutes. Now I can hike for 10 kilometers without any pain.
Mike Glover
Had back pain rating 6/7 After 10 minutes it was a 0/10 I am walking so much straighter now and feel so much taller and lighter. Moving is much easier! I am 77 years old and can do more things than most people in their 50s.
Edith Beavis
I've been in and out of sports therapists and chiropractors for the last year trying to fix my knee problem. It seemed everywhere I went had long drawn out plans that weren't accomplishing anything and for way too much money at that. Not too long ago I started experiencing slight back pain, on top of my knee injury, which turned fairly severe to the point where even walking could be painful. As a fairly athletic guy it's hard to watch yourself give up things like sports, running and working out. I stopped by Holistic Health one day and right away had a good feeling about this place. Their young and highly experienced team strives for excellence, integrity and commitment to not only their practice, but also you as a person. The team at Holistic Health identifies the root of the problem and starts correcting it instead of treating symptoms. At my initial assessment Mitch had me work through a few basic movement patterns to identify everything that was going wrong in my body and creating pain. After only an hour I was able to notice a significant difference in my back. I've now completed 4 half hour sessions and I can honestly say these guys are miracle workers. I no longer have back pain, my knees are better than they've been since before my injury and I'm now starting to get back into lifting weights. If you stick to your plan and do your exercises for couple minutes daily, you can expect to see results immediately. Can't wait to see what else these guys have up their sleeve for me. Thanks to the Holistic Health team.
Micah Sanchez
I have been struggling with bulging disc issues for over a year. This issue has prevented me from playing golf and keeps me in constant pain. I have tried every strategy and was getting very discouraged. I was dropping out of golf tournaments due to back pain. I started working with the team at Holistic Health and after 3 months I am pain free and back to an active lifestyle playing mens hockey and coaching my sons hockey team being on the ice 3-4 days per week. I am back to a fitness program and feeling very good in a long time!
John Simpson
Acknowledgement of your support and offerings to me as I’ve experienced such significant improvements in my posture, fitness, and overall lifestyle over past 3 or so years. Your ongoing expertise, knowledge and philosophy of health improvements and ability to execute same with the programs you have mapped out for me are wonderful as I’ve been able to understand and use your approach to enjoy and maintain a very significant and better feeling in my body during daily/routine activities and visible results in my body/diet thanks to your support and suggestions. Over past 3 years, your approaches to both pre and rehab exercises/muscle movements and fitness activities I need to do have resulted in my speedy and sooner than surgeon suggested recovery from 2 shoulder rotator cuff operations. As I continue to work with holistic health, all aspects of my posture and fitness are improving and, along with your excellent ideas re improvements in golf swing/ball hitting skills-I feel much more comfortable as I enjoy a round of golf and in fact, hitting the ball longer and more accurately. I wish Holistic Health continued success and sincerely recommend you to your current and future clients. Thanks, Peter
Peter B.
Coming from a body building background I was resistant, in the beginning, to the overall fitness approach taken by Holistic Health and Fitness HOWEVER, I decided to make a three month commitment to train their way and ONLY their way. I'm so glad I did! Going on almost two years now and I haven't looked back. Their expertise and passion for what they do is outstanding along with their commitment to their clients. I feel great when I arrive and even better when I leave. I really can't say enough about the staff, the members, the facility and, as for the results, they speak for themselves!
Jennifer English, Toronto
I knew my posture was bad but I didn’t know how it was affecting me physically and contributing to my back pain. Teeing up and retrieving the ball from the hole was a painful chore and taking the fun out of golf. After a few weeks, my body feels so much better. I’m playing hockey pain free for the first time in a couple years. Any thoughts I had of hanging up the skates are gone. Now I can’t wait until the spring to see results on the golf course!
John Walsh
Crazy impact after only one session. For the first time in months I really believe I can achieve my goals of living an active, adventurous, pain free life
Eguene Dupuis
I came in knowing I had postural and body functional issues, I had no idea how to make changes. The team had shown my before and after, even after the first appointment showed me with possibility of what could be achieved. An added bonus was the relief of bladder control issues I have had for many years. The staff explained what is happening, how improved function is to be attained and I can feel the improvement and difference as I continue under their guildenanc and on my own. I also have nerve damage in my left eye due to an injury 7 years ago. I am able to recognize small changes in week 3, that also tells me that there is improvement in my nervous and muscular systems. Surprised and happy to be able to know there is a way to end years of misalignment and damage!
I felt taller afterwards and felt running and going up stairs is an easier task to do. I feel like my shoulders are back inline already and that my posture has improved
Anne-Marrie Hartford
Oshawa Turul Soccer Club
Mitch and team are great coaches ! I have been a client for quite some time and I am very happy with my overall fitness and also my “functional” fitness which translates into everyday movements and activities. I have learned a lot from the team in terms of fitness, mobility and combatting the issues an office worker faces. Prior to engaging Mitch and team, I would have occasional bouts of lower back pain that were sometimes severe. Since becoming a client of the team, and with hard work. I have overcome this issue. I would highly recommend their services!
Darren Smith
I walked into Holistic Health and fitness unable to bend or twist without severe back pain. After a couple months I have fully recovered and my back is strong enough to survive my 15 hour work days easily. I highly recommend stopping by!
Garnet Barber, Oshawa.
The quality of instruction and wealth of knowledge is levels beyond any personal trainers in the area. All of the movement specialists have years of experience correcting posture and resolving pain in the body. I was blown away with my initial assessment as they performed a comprehensive analysis from everything from my posture, movement, lifestyle, diet, function, injuries and overall health. They are real health professional and everyone should see them to fix their body and improve performance and wellbeing! I will never go back to personal training. Holistic Health and Fitness is much cheaper and are much more knowledgeable. This is a lifestyle for me as they continue to balance my body and I feel better every day!
Annie. D, Whitby
I just wanted to let you know that firstly your team are first rate. Secondly since I started at your facility my back has slowly become stronger and less painful. I can’t remember the last time it felt this good. So a personal thank you to you and your team. It has helped immensely.
Dave S., Whitby
I feel great in my ‘pre-pregnancy’ jeans! Holistic Health and Fitness has been very supportive and genuinely cares about getting my lifestyle back on track and preventing future injuries. I feel more balanced and ready to stay active with my children! Thank you!
Tailin Fitzgerald
I have had back pain for the last 8 years and have been seeing chiropractors and massage therapists for the longest time with very little improvement. Holistic Health and Fitness explained to me why I was having back pain and what I needed to do about it. They customized a treatment program for me and the results have been amazing. I no longer have back pain and I am able to do things I was never able to do 10 years ago. Hats off to the staff as they have fixed me and improved the quality of my life.
Chris Gordon, Whitby
Nothing beats the quality coaches at Holistic Health and Fitness. I have been to other places in Durham Region and the staff at Holistic Health is on another level. All coaches are extremely passionate and professional.
James Alexander, Whitby
All of the coaches and staff are the amazing! They are extremely knowledgeable and best at what they do! The customer service is top notch and they always make me feel appreciated.
Linda F., Oshawa
Suffering with fibromyalgia and benign hyper-mobility syndrome, food intolerance that swell me up like a balloon, as well as insulin resistance for years has had a very negative effect on my weight and overall health condition. Holistic Health has been amazing for me, I’m not embarrassed to go there as I would in a gym full of people, it’s all one on one with 2 instructors (so no more than 2 clients at a time) making it quiet and easy to feel comfortable. Between Mitch and Peter I can feel muscle again, without cramping and without the pain I had been putting up with for years. They get how I got to where I am, and not only get me moving and strengthen my muscles, but also help me with posture issues from sitting for hours on end at a computer, and help me connect diet with health in a very easy to approachable manner. The instructors are easy going and friendly, they have my health at heart and make it a very pleasant experience, no matter how tired or stressed I am when I head over there, I’m always happy and laughing when I leave, so it’s not only good for my body, but my mind as well. Super place and I’m glad to have found them because they are how I’m going to get my health back!!
Pauline. Seber, Whitby
I can do more today then I ever thought possible. I was in so much pain before starting. They have showed me my potential and I keep feeling better about my body each week. I move so much better than before. This is so important to me because I felt like I was getting old too fast. The staff has certainly made me feel young! They have exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them.
Caroline F. , Oshawa
I have learned so much about my body, movements, healthy habits, quality nutrition and much more. Every session is like a teaching lesson for me. I leave knowing I am working towards better health and they have provided me all of the proper tools to attain this. Could not have done this without them! Thank you to the team at Holistic Health and Fitness.
Scott Dubeau - Oshawa