Initial Assessment

What it Includes:

  • Posture Assessment and Analysis
  • Gait Video Diagnostic Analysis
  • Pain /Injury Analysis
  • Biomechanical Feedback Analysis
  • Muscle Activation Testing
  • Motor Patterning analysis
  • Sports/Fitness evaluation
  • Correction Plan

**Please note that 24hr notice is required for all rescheduling and cancellations**
Note* Initial Assessment is $150.00 + HST



Andrea Miller (Registered Dietician) – Having an assessment done at Holistic Health and Fitness – so helpful! Working with the Kinesiologists will help optimize my posture, strength and physical activity.

I rate the Initial Assessment a 10/10. I recommend it anyone else! Best part of the assessment was seeing and feeling the difference. A big eye opener to see what is actually going. The education was great and enjoyed learning about my body and now excited to start improving my health!
Jason Famme
The best part of my initial assessment was being educated about what was going on with my body and then given corrective drills to start correcting my posture.
Brooke Gibson
The best part of the initial assessment was learning about my pelvis position an alignment and the reason why it's like that. The assessment was very informative and the staff are very knowledgable. I would rate the initial assessment a 9/10. I would highly recommend the initial assessment to any golfer.
Claude Travers
Informative, professional and eye opening are how I would describe the initial assessment I just had. My body felt so different in a brand new way. So hard to explain the feeling but I loved it. I felt taller, more centered and energized. Everything he had me do after was so much easier. They are so different than anything I have experienced. Everything they taught me in the initial assessment makes so much sense.
Brenden Randall
I had a fantastic time during my initial assessment! I was so amazed with the change in my posture in such little time. The philosophy and methods are very effective and I see a huge benefit in the service at Holistic Health and Fitness.
Charmane Tomlinson
Awesome Initial Assessment! Very informative and so much passion for what they do! I rate it a 10/10 and highly recommend you go in for the assessment.
Rafer K.
Amazing Initial Assessment. Very educational and provided me with lot of answers to why I was experiencing pain in my shoulders and knees. I now have some tools to start fixing my body for good. I rate it 9/10 and highly recommend everyone do an initial assessment.
Harry Koivisto