Cycling Assessment

Cycling Assessment 

  • Increase V02 max12805987_570405069782694_4757535316121316323_n
  • Increase FTP
  • Get faster, stronger and more efficient on the bike
  • Learn efficient body mechanics
  • Decrease pain and prevent injuries


The Initial Assessment will consist of

  • Video and picture assessment and diagnostics
  • Off bike drills designed to re-teach the body how to move optimally
  • Prescribed homework drills specifically for you designed to increase performance
  • Posture Analysis
  • Gait Analysis
  • Neuro-muscular testing



Christian Ricci

Christian Ricci – “If you are serious about getting better I highly recommend you come to Holistic Health and Fitness. I have noticed instant improvement and continue with their cycling program designed for me. Their philosophy for optimizing the body cannot be found elsewhere. They are kinesiologists and movement specialists who know the body so well and how to optimize it for getting faster on the bike. Everyone wants to tune up their bike but nobody wants to tune up their body.”



 Norm Riekenbrauck

“I am a avid cyclist who was experiencing a lot of leg pain cycling and noticed decreased performance on the bike. After 2 appointments at Holistic Health and Fitness here is what I have felt so far: better spin, easier to maintain higher RPM, more power better balance more comfortable on seat better breathing more alert/awareness higher heart rate-without gasping belly breathing quads not sore/fatigued way faster less fatigue during + post ride easier to clip in (weight over pedal) I love the changes I feel during and after my appointments with them and have been going for over a month”